January 21, 2012
Still majorly knackered…

Still majorly knackered…

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January 17, 2012
So yeah..

I see my tumblr page as a place where I can post visualisations of my interests. It’s easy to deal with and is a great platform, although not a lot of people write on it, or give much feedback.

For that reason I have created a wordpress blog to coincide with this tumblr. I did originally do this with another tumblr blog, but I sort of neglected it, as tubmlr is not so much a writing/blogging platform. I will still post on it, but the wordpress one is the main one =)

December 14, 2011
Happy Chappy Today =D

Happy Chappy Today =D

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December 6, 2011
Tired Bastard

Tired Bastard

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November 11, 2011
Me sleeping about on a night out! Ha

Me sleeping about on a night out! Ha

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June 26, 2011

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June 26, 2011


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June 14, 2011
The plan ahead.

Over the coming weeks I am going to try and blog at least once every two days during the summer break. Since arriving home, I haven’t found the motivation to be proactive, I’ve not even re-applied for my part time position at my past job. This is partly due to the fact that I’m lazy as hell, and partially as I don’t actually feel the same about the job. It use to be fun, now its just demoralising and an annoyance

If your interested, I wrote on ‘The Way of Zak - Part 2' a list of what I wish to achieve during this year (currently 2011) Its a continuous thing and I'll be adding to it when a new goal comes into my feeble mind. 

One of the goals is to visit more museums, attractions etc around London. To start this venture I’m meeting up with Elle and pursuing this achievement promptly later.

We are Heading off to London town, to visit the famed science museum, mainly because neither of us has been since we were little rascals.

I will most likely be documenting the trip with pictures rather than video and will upload them here for your view pleasure within a day or so.

If its half as enjoyable as it was when I was younger than the trip will be a good one. Even is the museum itself is a scraped turd, at least I have Elle their to brighten the day up =)

-Peace out